Why Oilfields Need Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Oilfield operations are complex in nature and require a great deal of planning and preparation.  There are many logistical factors to take into consideration when executing an oilfield operation, ranging from the safety of the operation to the services required to carry out a successful operation. Industrial vacuum trucks are an important part of any […]

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vacuum truck rentals advantages

Vacuum Truck Rentals

You’re looking for a vacuum truck rentals that includes everything your application will need – operator, accessories, and above all, quality. But where do you start, and how do you select the right vacuum truck rentals for your needs? You’re in luck, because Pitbull Energy Services has created the ultimate list to selecting the right […]

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oilfield water trucks

What are Water Trucks Used For?

Water trucks play a critical role in mining and construction job sites. From dust control, to compaction and fire prevention, these multi-use, powerful machines have become standard in operations across the world. Water trucks are different from other trucks in that they have specialty tanks, custom chassis designs and mounting apparatuses, with all associated pumping […]

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The Benefits of Hydrovac

Excavation on oilfields is a complicated and time intensive, as well as being disruptive to the everyday lives of the folks who are living around the excavation region. With the use of Hydrovac however, these issues can be almost completely eliminated from job sites. Hydrovac is known as the most recent innovation to help remove […]

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What Type of Vacuum Truck Do You Need?

On Canadian oilfields, vacuum trucks are used for the heavy-duty task of cleanup and environment conservation. However, depending on the application and type of material, you may need a different kind of vacuum truck that will better suit your on-site needs. Let’s explore the different types of vacuum trucks and their unique properties for oilfields. […]

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vacuum truck services

The Many Uses of Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks were once used only in urban areas for hazardous waste and cleanup. With recent innovations to their internal structures and mechanisms, their uses and services have branched out into more industrial applications. Anatomy of Vacuum Trucks Industrial vacuum trucks consist of two main sections: a large storage container for semi-solids or liquids, and […]

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