calgary pitbull energy services

Pitbull Energy is continuously expanding and refining its services to exceed client expectations and industry best practices.
Our services include a complete shale-cuttings control system, which offers clients operating efficiencies and cost savings, as well as significant improvements to worker safety and environmental security.
Pitbull's slogan is Clean Solutions. We take it very seriously.

  • Oil field Services AlbertaPitbull's control system features a full-time operator, a CAT 315 track-hoe and four-sided shale bins.
  • Full Suite Oil Field Services AlbertaPitbull's operators assume responsibility for loading and off-loading of trucks, as well as moving pipe. No additional loader is required.
  • Drill Cutting Oil Field RentalsProper handling and efficient disposal of drilling waste and cuttings is an area of pride and expertise in Pitbull's hands, instead of an extra chore for our client's drilling crew.
  • Oil Field Expertise AlbertaWith Pitbull on site, drilling crews are able to continue working in their areas of expertise.
  • Oil Field Equipment Rentals AlbertaOur equipment and processes provide greater efficiency, lower costs and a cleaner, safer work environment.
  • Oil Field Optimization AlbertaOur systems capture a higher amount of drilling fluid, reducing our client's overall costs.
  • Reducing Costs Alberta Oil FieldsOur trained operators know the optimal waste-to-sawdust mix, reducing bulk, weight and hauling costs.
  • Oil Field Rentals AlbertaPitbull's closed-tank technology contains wastes securely to prevent contamination of the lease.
  • Oil Field Tank Rentals AlbertaExcavators, in combination with Pitbull's closed tanks, allow clean transfer of the mix to haulers, eliminating spills and tracking of contaminants around the site.
  • Track Excavators Rentals AlbertaOur track excavators prevent the rutting and damage to the site created by wheel loaders.
  • Oil Field Waste Management AlbertaPitbull's waste-handling procedures greatly reduce environmental impact and therefore clean-up and reclamation costs.
  • Oil Field Equipment Experts AlbertaOur operators, experts on their equipment, are also safety trained in to prevent accidents.
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