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Pitbull Energy Services operates a fleet of tandem axle and tri-axle vacuum trucks for production and drilling projects.
Our services include land spraying for surface drilling projects, as well as other shallow drilling activities.

Our tri-axle vacuum trucks are equipped with a Tire Pressure Control System. The technology allows an operator to vary tire pressure and reduce environmental impact.

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Our tandem-axle vacuum trucks can be equipped with flotation tires to virtually eliminate track marks on farm fields and rural roads in wet conditions.
Flotation tires allow projects to remain active and on schedule in wet weather with minimal disturbance to the environment.

Vacuum Truck Services Alberta Oil Field

Each of our vacuum trucks is also equipped with a Gallup shale agitator, resulting in more efficient and effective land spraying. Agitating the solids-and-shale inside the tank allows for uniform dispersal of the mix and eliminates the time-consuming requirement for operators to enter the tank for cleaning.

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Pitbull can also deploy vacuum trucks with aluminum tanks, to transport more fluids per trip on county roads and highways.
All of Pitbull's vacuum trucks are deployed with a 300-square-foot, fully self-sufficient, well-site trailer.

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